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WWII Memories
WWII Memories


In Loving Memory Kenneth "Ray" Shaffer

Memories of a World War II
Veteran on the "U.S.S. Nevada"
1943 - 1946

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February 22, 1926  - 
July 18, 1998

USS Nevada history      Navy Library


Kenneth Ray Shaffer, 72, George St.; Clyde, Ohio, died July 18th at Bellevue Hospital.
He was born in Toledo, Ohio, the son of George and Bess (McEwen) Shaffer and attended Sycamore, Ohio schools.
He was employed as a press operator in the plastics department at Whirlpool Corp., Clyde Division, retiring in 1986 after 37 years of service.  He was also an avid roller skater which he was able to enjoy late into life.

Surviving Children:    Cindi
James C.
K. Robert
K. Aaron

This page is in loving memory of our father who proudly served in the U.S.Navy as a carpenter's mate on the USS Nevada during World War II from 1943 to 1946.

Though father kept his personal life to himself until late in his life, we treasure the memories he shared during his last couple years. 

One of our most treasured memories is the day my father shared his Navy memorabilia with us.  We all learned so much about my father that afternoon.  The laughter we all shared that afternoon and the enjoyment it gave all of us, including Dad, will be long treasured.

Our father also proudly shared his memories with the hospital staff and roommates during his illness the last two years of life.  Now, with the wonder of the Web and scanners, a few of his memories will continue to be proudly shared. 

May he rest in peace....
Father and Daughter

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