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WWII Memories, Part 3

Ken Shaffer's Memories on the USS Nevada Continue
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"REMEMBER THE BATTLESHIP NEVADA? ... how, back from her grave at Pearl Harbor, she took revenge off the Normandy Coast? ... how, guns blazing, men stayed at their stations for 79 hours without relief? ... how, in six days of action, they blasted a door in Hitler's Atlantic Wall? ... A stern example to us at home. 
WWII Postcard What!??   Father in Jail??
Of course not, just having a little fun posing for photos...
Dad in Jail??
Sailor Postcard
My father probably never realized what a treasured gift he gave his family the day he decided to share his past with us.

Group Photo
"This part of the S.F. Shop force at a time
when it was a rugged looking bunch. 
Beards & mustaches and I have both. 
I am the second from the right,
as if you couldn't tell.  Ha! Ha!"

WWII PhotoJust Having

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